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AlbumPrüfr Password

Our system is so tight that we don’t even know your password. We also can not retrieve or reset your password for you.

The only way to reset your password is to go to Prü, type in your email address and click “forgot password”. You should receive an email from us (please check your junk folder, as it goes there when I test it 🙂 ).


Once you’ve received an email from us with your new password we recommend changing this to something you will remember by going to your “Account Settings” in Prü



If you try the new password and you still can not enter your account it is possible that your subscription has run out. We do send out an email that your subscription is going out. It is possible you missed that email or did not receive it. Please contact support to see if you need to purchase for the year.

Happy Stomping!!

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