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Create a Free Trial for AlbumPrüfr

With AlbumPrüfr you can get a free trial of one album to see how you like it. 🙂

If you design using AlbumStomp, then design your album and click the Prüfr tab. Enter your email address and create a password (one that you’ll remember). Then enter your client’s details and choose to either “Notify client” or not, then click Upload. You’ll get a nice message from us saying your email could not be found but would you like a free trial.


If you design with another software, you can proof your albums to AlbumPrüfr using our AlbumPrüfr App. When you first open it, it will ask for your AlbumPrüfr login details, as you haven’t purchased yet. Click on “Free Trial” which is in the top-right corner. Enter your first and last name, email address and choose a password that you’ll remember. Click OK and Bob’s your uncle.


Happy Stomping!!

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