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Email your client from AlbumPrüfr

So you’ve uploaded an album to AlbumPrüfr and now you need to notify your client… suuuper easy! 🙂

If you design in AlbumStomp, when you click AlbumPrüfr tab and enter your clients’ details, at the bottom you have the option to tick “Email your client when album has uploaded”. If you tick that and then click “Upload”, once your album has uploaded to Prü it will email your client to let them know their album is ready to be viewed.

OR once you’ve updated their album with the changes they’ve asked for, go to AlbumPrüfr and then tick “Email your client when album has been uploaded”. When you click “Resync” it will email your client.

Alternatively, you can click send and email your client from right there, without having to resync your album again.

If you prefer to use a different album design solution, you can email your client two different ways from the AlbumPrüfr App.

The first one is when you create a “New Album”. In here you have the option to “Email Your Client” when you click “Prüf It!”, which uploads your album proofs to Prü Just make sure the tick is on next to “Email Your Client”.


OR in the main window click the mail icon from the top-center and the email window will open.


Happy Stomping!!

Thanks very much to Twig and Olive Photography and Melissa Fitzgerald for their amazing photos!

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