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Tips and Tricks for AlbumStomp

By March 27, 2020 May 26th, 2022 No Comments

Photography can be a seasonal profession, with some months being a feast and other months feeling like famine. It’s always a good idea to have a plan for the months when your photography business may be slow, when you’ll want to work smarter and let the tools in your photography toolkit work harder for you!

We want to help you keep your business moving forward. A fantastic way to fill in these slower months by adding album sales! AlbumStomp is loaded full of amazing features to help you design with ease, revise quickly, and please your clients with a beautiful album!

Design an Album in 2 Minutes!

AlbumStomp is fast, fun and flexible. You can design an album from start to finish, including sending your clients a digital proof.

The beauty in AlbumPrüfr is in the way it integrates with AlbumStomp. You can design, proof, and revise albums all in one place. But if you have an online gallery you’re already using for image proofing and would prefer to proof your albums there, AlbumStomp makes that easy, too, with a direct upload to the most popular gallery sites. Simplicity is a beautiful thing!

Open in Editor

In AlbumStomp you can open and retouch your images in the editor of your choice, then sync them into the album quickly and easily.  Instead of adding additional steps, we’re making it easy to make your albums picture perfect.

Trim lines

“Bleed”, “trim”, “safe area” – what does it all mean?!? The notion of Trim can be a confusing one, so we put together this short video to help make sense of it.

With printing there’s a term called “Bleed” (we refer to it as “Trim” in AlbumStomp as the bleed is the area that will be trimmed off). To get an image to go to the very edge of the page, you need to design your album so that it goes beyond the Trim line. This is needed so that the printer is given a small amount of space to account for movement of the paper. After the spreads or pages are trimmed it means that no unprinted edges are left in the album.

Consistent and Adjustable Margins

AlbumStomp not only helps you ensure the spaces between your images are pixel-perfect, but also allows you to adjust and re-shape your images with a simple drag! Create just the look you want, just click on the margin and move it to where you’d like it to go.

AlbumStomp Walkthrough Video!

Try all of these amazing features and more today! Download the free Trial Version and get designing!