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Print sized images in BlogStomp

BlogStomp is no longer our flagship blogging software, as we have replaced it with Storytailor.
We are still supporting the BlogStomp software and its users, but BlogStomp is no longer available for purchase. Learn more about Storytailor HERE.

A lot of people have asked us the same question “How do I change the output resolution so that I can make print-sized images with BlogStomp?”

Some have phrased it differently — “How do I set it to 300 dpi?” etc. — so heres some thoughts on output resolution.

What’s the biggest size image BlogStomp can create?

In BlogStomp’s Settings menu, you can select an output size up to 3500 pixels. While that image would be unusably HUUUUUGE on your blog, when considered at 300dpi, that’s a bigger than 11.5 inches wide.

Pixel Count vs. Pixel Density
When thinking about the output size of your images, the thing you’ll need to consider is pixel count, not pixel density. A 3000×2400 pixel image is 3000×2400 at 72dpi, and it is also a 3000×2400 at 300 dpi. The number of pixels has not changed. Therefore, a 3000×2400 pixel image weighs in at 10×8 inches when calculated at 300 dpi. Savvy?

The Bottom Line
BlogStomp was built as a blog prep tool. That was – and is – our only intent for it. It does that job fantastically well, and we are proud of that. It is also versatile enough to perform other tasks, too. And we’re also proud of that. But it is not a for-print image prep tool.

Use BlogStomp as a blog prep tool — we’ll help you do it. Or use BlogStomp in some other creative way. That’s fine, too. We’d love to see what you come up with.

Happy Stomping!!


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