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Publishing to Facebook – An Update

BlogStomp is no longer our flagship blogging software, as we have replaced it with Storytailor.
We are still supporting the BlogStomp software and its users, but BlogStomp is no longer available for purchase. Learn more about Storytailor HERE.

So you may have heard the news (or perhaps more accurately, you may have discovered it on  your own recently) — You aren’t able to publish photos to Facebook any longer using BlogStomp.

It’s frustrating, we get it.

Now, don’t get us wrong, you can still very easily use BlogStomp to prep your images for use on Facebook, but the relationship has changed a bit.

What Happened?

In August of 2018 Facebook closed its API to third-party developers (like your friends here at BlogStomp).  Where we used to be able to link up with your account and publish your photos remotely, they’ve put the kibosh on that practice entirely.  (Something about Russian interference, we hear??)

What Does That Mean?

Their closing down of this channel means you can’t publish your photos from a third party software like BlogStomp.  This doesn’t only affect BlogStomp, though. Because Facebook has shut down this interface entirely, it affects all third-party publishing software apps, even the “big boys”.  Read what Adobe and others had to say about it HERE, HERE, and HERE.

What Do I Need To Do Instead?

We’re gonna kick it old school and party like it’s 2009.
(You’ll need to Stomp your photos and upload them to Facebook albums the old-fashioned way — in a web browser)

Is This The End Of The World?

It feels like it, a bit.  But it isn’t. It really, really isn’t.


Could This Be A Good Thing In Disguise?

Maybe.  Here’s what we mean.

We’ve long held that Facebook is a great place to share your images widely, but it’s a horrible “main place” for your photos to live.  Facebook’s compression on upload should make any photographer cringe, and image quality has suffered for a long, long time. Perhaps this is a cue for we photographers who want people to view our work looking its absolute best to adapt our use of Facebook to more of a pass-through portal.  Meaning, you post an image to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter and link people through to your blog or website rather than publishing an entire shoot to a Facebook Album.

The benefits are many – your photos circulate widely, your website traffic count goes up, and your images look the way you intended for them to look, without Facebook’s compression algorithms ruling the day and wrecking your photos.

It’s a win-win-win!

So What About The Future?

If you’re asking “Will Facebook ever open their API back up to third-party developers”, we don’t know.  Facebook will do Facebook. What we do know is that as *SOON* as they do, we’ll get it turned back on in BlogStomp.  You have our word on that.

Happy Stomping!!

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