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BlogStomp activation issues

BlogStomp is no longer our flagship blogging software, as we have replaced it with Storytailor.
We are still supporting the BlogStomp software and its users, but BlogStomp is no longer available for purchase. Learn more about Storytailor HERE.

We want using BlogStomp to be the smoothest and easiest part of your workflow. That starts with activation. While activating BlogStomp is super easy, some BlogStompers experience hiccups at this step.

Here are some of the questions/statements we’ve heard…

“I don’t have an activation code.”  OR  “I don’t know what an activation code is.”


  • The activation code is what you purchase to unlock the trial version. Head to the store to make your purchase today!
  • Once you’ve completed your purchase, your activation code will be emailed to you AND automatically displayed on the purchase confirmation page.
  • If you don’t see the purchase confirmation page, it is likely that your transaction was unsuccessful. Give it another try.
  • If you don’t receive the confirmation email, it is likely that you mis-typed your email address at purchase. Drop us a line and we’ll help sort it out.
“I am seeing your logo on my images after I stomp. What gives?”


  • It is likely that you have not yet activated BlogStomp – step-by-step instructions are super helpful!
  • You could be looking at images that you stomped prior to activation. We have all done this. You will need to go back, import the original files and re-stomp those images after the app is activated.
“I have my activation code, but I just cannot seem to get a smiley face!”


  • The email address that you purchased with is case-sensitive. If you capitalized your email address when you purchased BlogStomp, you will need to enter it exactly the same way when you activate. Eg.
  • It may be that you mis-typed your email address at purchase. If this is the case you’ll need to reach out to us to help you correct it.
  • Did you purchase AlbumStomp instead of BlogStomp? Your activation code only works for the corresponding app. When you complete your purchase you will receive an email with your activation code. This email will confirm your purchase details.
  • Are you putting in the right activation code for the right version? If your putting in your BlogStomp V2 code instead of BlogStomp3 you’ll get this gorgeous message 🙂
“I get the smiley face but it tells me I’ve been previously deactivated!”
  • When switching between computers you can only deactivate once and you can not go back to a previously deactivated computer. However if you drop us a line we might be able to help you out, otherwise you may need to purchase some more activation codes 🙂


Happy Stomping!!

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