How to Survive Summer as a Wedding Photographer How to Survive Summer as a Wedding Photographer
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Survive Summer as a Wedding Photographer

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Photographing a wedding in the heat of summer requires some planning, so we’ve put together a survival kit to get you through those long days in the sun.



Everyone LOVES shoes (or maybe that’s just me), but they are a huge key to surviving wedding season!

Yes, they need to look good, but they also need to help you survive those 8-10+ hours on your feet. From standing in one place during the family photos, to running around like a crazy person during the bridal photos – especially if you’re Jonathan Suckling, – or dancing up a storm at the end of the night, (if you have the energy).

When I'm on a mountaintop in Queenstown how could I not lose the beanie and do a Suckling Special.

Posted by Jonathan Suckling Photography on Monday, May 1, 2017

I love my converse shoes and my “fancy jandals“. I swap one for the other when we get to the reception so that my feet can kind of relax. I also have my Ugg Boots in my car which are super comfy to wear driving home, it’s like my feet are in clouds.

Tom and Amy Hoffer from Hoffer Photgraphy, Sean and Melanie Flannigan of A Fist Full of Bolts Wedding Photography, and Doug and Jackie Treiber from Doug Treiber Photography, all spoke to FStoppers about their shoes. The general consensus between all were Toms, Sperrys, and Converse. Vans — the classic style, Havaianas (the classic Kiwi jandal), and Adidas sandals were also musts – however as a Kiwi gal, Havaianas are the summer/beach go to jandal, so unless you are at a casual beach wedding, they might be too casual; get the sandal version instead girls. Vince Camuto sandals are a go to for Jackie when a more formal attire is required, and well, Doug loves boots, so the Zamberlan Sella’s are a must! There’s a list to get you hunting! I’m off to check out Sperrys and Toms, anyone know if there’s cheap shipping to New Zealand?

One thing I do recommend is that you get good gripped shoes, or just don’t go walking on a concrete boat ramps, because well, you might do what I did and have your feet slip out from under you. Your camera wont appreciate it 😉



Light colour clothes are the key, well that’s what they say! However you are an extension of your brand; a walking advertisement, so maybe add some colour?

As a wedding photographer you also need to blend in with the guests. You don’t want to turn up to a formal church wedding in blue jeans and sneakers while everyone else is in a suit and tie.

I love wearing dresses or skirts, but you HAVE to make sure that the only flash guests see, is your camera one. My favourite one last summer was my Augustine dress (left image), it hid my love handles, was a great length, and comfier than my skinny jeans – no plumbers crack 😀

Samantha Spector, founder of Milk & Honey Special Events told that if you don’t want the sweat marks showing through, then you should wear an undershirt as well. This may or may not work depending on your location, because, let’s be honest, you might just sweat through them both. So invest in some good quality anti-perspirant and deodorant (mine lives in my camera bag).

Sunglasses are also super helpful! Make sure you get polaroid ones, they ease eye strain and stop you from squinting too much. However if you ask your guests to remove them, make sure you do as well, otherwise that’s just rude.


Fluids, Food, Sunblock & Insect Repellant!!

Stay hydrated! No one wants a photographer passing out from dehydration. If you’re not a water drinker, take other fluids. My favourite is Powerade (I believe Gatorade is the US version?)! It’s a massive helper! You don’t want to get the wedding hangover, so keeping the fluids up is a must.

You also might get hungry; especially at the reception. If you have dumb clients or a contract that doesn’t get you food at the reception, you will need to take muesli bars or lollies with you as a pick me up. I’m usually surviving on adrenalin until the reception ,and then I start to flake, so dinner is always a lifesaver. Lollies are a must for me, I have one on and off throughout the day, the sugar boost is good and is really needed on the drive home after the wedding.

Sunblock and insect repellant! They are a must to have in your car and camera bag, (especially in NZ with our deadly sun)! You do not in any way, want to become a red hot chilli pepper. If you have sweet blood, you won’t want the mozzie’s and sand flies biting while you’re trying to take photos, you might just start dancing and slapping too much. Also burns and bites are not fun to deal with when you’re trying to sleep after a long day photographing.

If you have any other tips and tricks let us know! Sharing is caring 🙂