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Of Fires and Foxes

By March 28, 2017 September 20th, 2018 No Comments

Anyone out there use Firefox as your web browser?

#EmbarrassingConfessionTuesday (is that even a thing??)

I do.

I use Firefox. I use it all the time. And I know I should stop – a buddy of mine refers to it as “Netscape Navigator” every time it comes out that I still use it regularly. I know that it’s lacking and that there are much better alternatives out there like Chrome or Safari, but I still use it. All the same. Well, for some things, anyway.

But there are a small handful of things I definitely don’t use it for, and one of them is a pretty big deal.

I will not use Firefox to view images online. 

I mean, overall it’s a decent-enough browser. It will open a website and help you cruise Facebook like the rest of them. Text renders nicely, just like any other browser. But for viewing images online, it is literally the worst. Here’s what I mean ::

In all these images below, the left-hand side is a screen shot of Firefox and the right-hand side is a screen shot of Safari.

In a few of these examples the difference may be subtle. But very much of the time, using a browser that isn’t color managed will have unpredictable (usually negative) results. To ensure your images look their best online, it is best to use a browser that has their color game on point.

For a more thorough look, click up this article from Arnaud Frich.

Happy Stomping!!