It’s Fast.

It’s Fun.

It’s Flexible.

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All-New Interface.
64-bit Muscle.

AlbumStomp2 boasts a cleaner, lighter interface that is easy to use, visually appealing, and thoughtfully considered.

Mix it Up.

Select your images and AlbumStomp will build layouts for you to choose from. To find your perfect layout click Mix it Up!

Adjustable Margins.

Enjoy greater freedom with our amazing Adjustable Margins. Hover over the margins and drag to customise the margins.

Improve your album workflow.

Design an album in minutes!

Email Templates.

Easily create and save email templates for AlbumPrüfr. No more having to retype the same thing over and over again.

Image Browser.

Used images are greyed out and the page they are used on is displayed on top for easy reference. Right-click in the browser and you can also sort by filename or date!

Cloud Proofing!

Proof your album designs with AlbumPrüfr. It is fully integrated into AlbumStomp for easy client feedback and design changes.

Background Images.

Super easy to add your images to the background of a spread. You can change the opacity of it as well.

Our people are your people.


Thanks very much to the amazing Ginny Corbett, Nina Buys, Anneka Seraphina, Joseph West and Twig & Olive Photography for their gorgeous photos!

Create beautiful albums faster and easier
than ever before.